COVID-19 Resources for the British Columbia Golf Industry...

Get the most recent comprehensive provincial update here, as provided December 9th.

See the AGA-BC COVID-19 resources page here.

AGA-BC Best Practices Manual For BC Golf Operations Amidst COVID-19
(These are still in effect and current as of March 11, 2021)

View the Allied Golf Association (AGA) Best Practices Manual for BC Golf Courses

With over 300 golf courses in all areas of the province, it is critical that all golf operations in British Columbia align with COVID-19 orders, direction, and safety protocols mandated by the Provincial Health Office (PHO) and regional health authorities.

View the Allied Golf Association (AGA) Best Practices Manual for BC Golf Courses here.

See British Columbia’s most recent Return to Sport Guideline 2.0 in effect as of July 1, 2021.

Golf Canada COVID-19 Resource Page

Health Information for BC Residents

The best source for accurate and up-to-date health information on the COVID-19 pandemic in BC is the BC Centre for Disease Control website.


B.C. COVID-19 Support App

The B.C. government has a COVID-19 support app to help provide residents with the latest information on the ongoing pandemic.

The app can be downloaded through Apple Store or Google Play and is also available as a website online here

Besides acting as a platform for posting information and alerts, the app also features the B.C. government’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool that can help residents decide if they need to seek coronavirus testing.

The self-assessment tool can also be found as a standalone test online here