Let’s face it: almost all of us are — if not openly, at least ‘closet’ — rules freaks when it comes to golf. Some of the most fascinating discussions and heated arguments in the game come about from the unlimited variety of situations and circumstances that present themselves during a round of golf due to the very nature of where the game takes place... in nature. 

Learn about taking the Level 1 online workshop. If you wish to take your knowledge of rules even further, Provincial Rules Seminars (requiring Level 1 certification online) are a great next step.

Whether you’re just curious about how to properly apply the rules to your or your playing partner’s predicaments or would even consider taking your knowledge to a higher level of application., golf tournaments and associations are always in need of accredited ‘rules officials.’ Anyone with a Level 1 rules certification can register to take part in the upcoming British Columbia Golf rules seminars.

“At the start of every championship season, it is a series of family reunions for the referees, tournament officials, and players as we prepare and work our championships. Volunteering at a championship is hard work. However, it’s very rewarding to pay it forward for the love of the game.” – Michael Cook, BC Golf Rules Official and Board Member

Information and registration for online sessions can be found here.