When it comes to dressing for golf in the winter, comfort and warmth are two of the most important factors. While you may be familiar with high-performance polyester, you may not know the benefits of wool...

Wool is an underrated fabric in the golf world. All golfers should consider adding wool to their winter layers. This natural product outperforms synthetic fabrics in a variety of ways.

Technical Benefits

Wool is both practical and natural.

Wool offers great thermal regulation with the addition of breathability. Synthetic layers, in contrast, can trap body moisture, resulting in a clammy feeling.

Wool has the flexibility to remain cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold without overheating. It absorbs moisture from the skin and releases it into the air. This ability grants wool odour resistance. You will sweat less and smell better!

Wool also provides great protection from harmful UV rays, something often overlooked in winter.


Fine wool like Merino is not itchy and is soft to the touch. It stretches easily in all directions while you swing.

Fine wool garments are lightweight, which allows for layering. It is comfortable on the skin while allowing for performance.

Easy Care

Wool has come a long way. Real wool does not pill easily and many garments are now machine washable. Wool also doesn’t wrinkle. Some wool sweaters are even treated to repel water and stains making them very durable as outer layers.


Modern wool apparel is sporty, classy, and more stylish than what you may first envision upon thinking “wool sweater.”

Wool garments are a much better alternative to synthetic fast fashion. Wool’s quality is long-lasting and timeless.

Check out these new wool sweaters for your next chilly round:



You’ll love the innovation of the Intraknit Merino wool in this ¼ zip women’s base layer because it helps with moisture management, temperature control, and odour resistance. And there’s more to love: it’s constructed to enhance performance, it offers mesh layers for breathability in all the right places, and it’ll let you move more easily and freely.


With its relaxed fit, flatlock seams to prevent chafing, and 100% ultra-soft, responsibly sourced Merino wool, our Women’s Merion 250 Drape Neck Hoodie is a fan favourite. Contrasting colours and patterns on the sleeve give this piece a little something extra, taking it from a performance-ready base layer to an eye-catching top. Your friends will soon be wanting one too.



Make a statement in this ultrasoft crew made with supple all-season Merino wool. This beautiful sweater features a bold tri-coloured collar and sleeves with ribbed detailing along the collar, cuffs, and hem for a sophisticated look.



Designed to perform on outdoor adventures, this merino wool-blend half zip is a technical layer for your cold weather.



Avoiding chills is crucial when travelling in the cold. This lightweight base layer holds in your body heat and moves any sweat to the outside layer where it can evaporate without cooling you down.